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With the rising global mental health crisis, over 1 billion people are afflicted with stress-related disorders like depression, sleep disorders, anxiety, addiction and PTSD. Researchers are looking increasingly towards the potential of psychedelic compounds as a treatment to help improve the quality of life for these patients.

Supported by exciting early scientific evidence, this fledgling industry is gaining momentum. At Transpharmation, we carry out sponsored preclinical translational in vivo pharmacology research into  cannabidiol (CBD), ketamine, psilocybin, DMT, LSD and other psychedelics, for the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders, providing the necessary data to propel compounds into the clinic.

Latest news! Transpharmation selected as preclinical partner to leading clinical research company Clerkenwell Health to carry out psilocybin trials side by side...

Examples of Models we offer:

  • Target Engagement - Mouse head twitch / Rat WDS
  • Anxiety Models - Elevated Zero Maze, Open Field, Light / Dark Box
  • Depression Models - Chronic Social Defeat, Forced Swim Test, Progressive Ratio
  • Sleep / QEEG - Eg; REM suppression, Power spectral analysis
  • Safety Profiling - Locomotor activity, Serotonin syndrome, Seizure threshold
  • Molecular Biomarkers - Inflammatory cytokine profiling, LPS induced neuroinflammation (in vivo & ex vivo)
  • Pain Models - Inflammatory pain (CFA, UV-Burn, Etc) Neuropathic pain (CCI, CIPN, Etc)
  • Epilepsy Models - Chemical & Electrical induced seizure models (Eg: MEST, PTZ, Etc), Tremor

Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss your research needs.

psychedelicsThis list is not exhaustive, we are always developing new areas of discovery within our preclinical field of expertise. If there is something particular that is not listed here please do contact us.

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