What is EGG Model?

The EEG Model, is the physiological method of choice to record the electrical activity which can be measure when created by the brain via electrodes placed upon the patients scalp. For faster application, electrodes are mounted in elastic caps similar to shower caps, ensuring that the data collected is consistent in measurement from person to person. It is generally considered a reliable method to used to collect this type of data. 

Use of Electroencephalography (EEG) for the recording of electrical potentials at the scalp, has been the go to method for probing human brain activity for more than half a century now. By applying EEG forward models to data we can compute the contribution put forward from such dipoles to the potential recorded by the EEG electrodes.

EEG Services

Transpharmation offer a comprehensive range of EEG related services.

Sleep / Wake

Transpharmation has a world-class pedigree in Sleep/EEG research including: sleep models

Quantitative EEG (QEEG)

The use of QEEG is fundamental in drug discovery given the high predictive and back-translational validity it offers researchers.

Mismatch-negativity (MMN)

At Transpharmation, we've applied our expertise in EEG to develop rodent mismatch negativity (MMN) - regarded as one of the most highly-translatable biomarkers for research into the field of schizophrenia. 

EEG ModelThis list is not exhaustive, we are always developing new areas of discovery within our preclinical field of expertise. If there is something particular that is not listed here please do contact us.