What is the Cognition Model?

A cognitive model is an estimation of animal cognitive processes for the purposes of comprehension and prediction of factors.

Transpharmation has a vast experience and  understanding in preclinical cognition research obtained through decades of experience running disease area past work for Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and Schizophrenia within GlaxoSmithKline. Most importantly, our highly skilled technical staff appreciate the subtleties involved in evaluating rodent cognitive processes, ensuring all our assays are highly robust and reproducible, ensuring a respectable study is carried out.

We primarily focus on delivering carefully constructed cognition models which are disease-relevant therefore offering the option to evaluate the NCEs against pharmacologically induced cognitive impairments, (e.g. scopolamine) or natural impairments, (age, test parametric manipulation)  which can be applied across multiple disease areas.

We're a very adaptive team, if you feel you have a unique requirement for your project it's always worth contacting us.

Cognition model services we offer:

  • Novel object recognition
  • Temporal deficit
  • Pharmacological deficit, (scopolamine, sub-chronic PCP)
  • Delayed-non-match to position
  • Reversal learning
  • Attentional set shifting

cognition modelContact us to discuss any queries you may have and get your project underway. We are always developing new areas of discovery within our cognitive preclinical field of expertise. If you're requirement is not listed here, contact us our services are adaptive and extensive.