Clerkenwell Health

Clerkenwell HealthClerkenwell Health is an innovative, UK-based mental health start-up building a platform to accelerate patients’ access to a range of psychedelic-assisted therapies over the coming years. Clerkenwell is focused on helping its clients generate the clinical data required to mainstream these exciting treatment methodologies with doctors and regulators alike.

The team is led by CEO Tom McDonald, a former Accenture pharmaceutical specialist with a focus on patient-centric care and CSO Dr Henry Fisher, a chemist and drug policy expert. Patient therapy is led by Dr Sara Tai, a clinical psychologist, a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at the University of Manchester and an expert in psychotherapy in clinical trials of psychedelic medicine.

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    “This partnership offers up a rare opportunity to deliver some truly joined up thinking in terms of preclinical and clinical research. Given the potential that psilocybin and related psychedelic compounds present as clinical tools across a range of indications, this is a hugely exciting development for advancing the clinical development process. This partnership will greatly assist companies in this space with accelerating their goal of market approval.”  - Clerkenwell Health CSO Henry Fisher

    “It’s fantastic to formalise our relationship with such a well-established preclinical testing specialist. Transpharmation’s expertise in the neuroscience and psychedelics field perfectly complements the work we are doing at Clerkenwell and ensures that we can provide our clients with the full suite of CRO services from early stage regulatory advisory through to trial design and delivery at any stage of the drug development life cycle.” - Clerkenwell CEO Tom McDonald

    “As a UK-based and scientist-led company, we are proud of our part in keeping the UK at the forefront of this important research area. Importantly, our clients around the world are choosing to work with us and UK companies for the strength of science; our partnership with Clerkenwell itself was enabled by a multi-million dollar international contract. The future for UK bioscience, with benefits to human health and drug discovery, is extremely strong.” - Mark Duxon, CEO Transpharmation

Agenda Life Sciences, (ALS)

intervinoA key partner for Transpharmation is Agenda Life Sciences, (ALS) who work with us at Discovery Park, Kent. ALS supports us with day-to-day operations, governance and assurance of strict regulation, as well as ethical compliance with the Home Office for experiments.

They are one of only 14 establishments to hold the globally recognised AAALAC accreditationThey are one of only 14 establishments to hold the globally recognised AAALAC accreditationassuring Transpharmation’s clients of scientific validity and reliable, robust scientificoutcomes.



varsity bio“Comorbidity of chronic pain and mood disorders: breaking the vicious cycle” - this is the aim of the HaPpY grant from Innovative Training Networks, who have assembled a world-class team of behavioural neuroscientists, electrophysiologists, molecular biologists, neuropharmacologists and clinicians specialising in pain and/or mood disorders from academic research labs and hospitals along with experts from the non-academic sector. Transpharmation is delighted to have been invited to join as well-known experts in this therapeutic area and we look forward to delivering training to young scientists.


Blue Oak Pharmaceuticals

intervinoBlue Oak drug hunters are experts in the systems neurobiology of brain disorders, medical chemistry and informatics. Their leading productivity integrates a global research team with cutting edge technologies in behavioural profiling, synthetic chemistry and brain imaging.


InterVivo Solutions

intervinoInterVivo is a Canadian-based preclinical contract research organization focused on Central Nervous System indications. In 2017, Transpharmation and InterVivo Solutions announced a strategic joint venture to co-market and co-develop their translational research services, combining their pre- existing Global client bases to deliver ‘best in class’ translational Drug Discovery support.


University of Hertfordshire

uni hertfordshireThe University of Hertfordshire and Transpharmation undertake collaborative research projects and co-fund / co-supervise PhD studentships, combining the expertise of research scientists from both organisations to further capabilities and develop new assays.


Varsity BioLogistics

varsity bioVarsity BioLogistics support to the global pharmaceutical, healthcare, life science & CRO industries.




varsity bioMetris provide Innovative solutions, instruments and software for animal behaviour research.



BonePain II

bio painBonePain II is a European training network promoting innovation and education within bone pain research. The BonePain II network encompasses 8 academic groups and 4 industries all committed to creating an outstanding training programme for early stages researchers to elucidate the mechanisms of bone pain and develop new medicines.


Direct Pathways


Direct Pathways is a consultancy firm who support businesses to work more efficiently and focus on the building blocks for growth and increased profitability.  We have worked with them to improve business performance by tightening our core structures and empowering our people to be more effective.