With preclinical – clinical transition being the largest failure risk in CNS therapeutics development, join us at hubXchange’s CNS Therapeutics East Coast Virtual roundtable meeting, where senior drug developers from pharma and biotech share experiences and discuss the future research landscape.

Join us at 13.00 EST to hear Transpharmation’s Scientific Lead Sandor Kantor present ‘Changes in Brain Oscillatory Activity Might Predict the Efficacy of Therapeutics in Neuropsychiatric Disorders’. His 30 minute slot will cover the following:

  • Disrupted sleep and abnormal brain oscillations are common early features of many neuropsychiatric disorders. Since sleep and EEG abnormalities often precede the clinical onset of these diseases, their possible involvement in the pathophysiological process is considered
  • Medications used for symptomatic treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders often affect sleep and brain oscillatory activity. Furthermore, altering brain oscillatory activity by non-pharmacological means can improve the symptoms of the diseases
  • Thus, the potential mechanistic relationship between changes in brain oscillatory activity and the pathophysiological process in these disorders will be discussed alongside with potential novel therapeutic targets

Find details of our sleep/wake work here

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