• Building an Innovative Life Sciences Company' CEO Mark Duxon talks at the next OBN digital event 12th May 1pm-2pm, see news page.
  • CEO Mark Duxon interviewed by The Pharma Letter on impact of Brexit on CROs...
  • Announcing new premises in Poland with a focus on neuropsychiatric disorders...
  • State-of-the-art premises opening this month at Discovery Park in Kent...
  • Newly published work in Frontiers in Psychiatry demonstrating
  • the effectiveness of a clinically relevant dose of ketamine...
  • Head to 2021 conferences page to see titles of abstracts...


All the latest conference updates; those that we are attending and the studies that we are presenting

Each year, the BNA Festivals aim to bring together multiple organisations from both academia and industry interested in brain research, creating a novel, multi-organisation forum featuring all areas of
fundamental research in neuroscience and psychology. At the BNA 2021, Transpharmation is looking forward to being a part of the meeting, with our Cognition Lead and Scientific Liaison, John Huxter, presenting a workshop on improving translation between industry and academia in neuroscience under the topic of "Pitfalls and prospects for cognitive assays in preclinical research". Please feel free to visit us at our booth to discuss the specific translational models.
For more information on the conference, please visit https://meetings.bna.org.uk/bna2021/programme_information/


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