Sleep Disorders

Transpharmation has world-class pedigree in Sleep/EEG research exemplified by the fact that our laboratory and management were the first to discover and publish the arousal promoting effects of the Orexins, with subsequent identification of the first OX1/OX2 receptor selective antagonists.

We have two large suites of 24 DSI telemetry systems for continuous 24/7 assessment of rat and mouse EEG for pharmaco-EEG and EEG sleep/wake profiling. We can also offer tethered systems if required.

We routinely screen for hypnotic and arousal promoting effects of clients’ compounds vs clinical gold-standards such as zolpidem and modafinil respectively.

Our ability to measure human EEG within our laboratories in Dublin (Ireland) means we are well placed to understand the translational relevance and context of our preclinical data.

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