We constantly strive to publish all of our research at international conferences and in peer reviewed journals. Please see the links below for some examples.

Poster Presentations


2016/1 The Wistar-Kyoto model of depression shows impaired ultrasonic vocalisation response in the female urine sniffing test when compared with Sprague Dawley Download PDF
2016/2 An investigation of human plasma protein biomarkers in burning mouth syndrome Download PDF
2016/3 Plasma acetylated α-tubulin expression as an indicator of antidepressant effectiveness Download PDF
2016/4 Single administration of ketamine and Pregnenolone-Methyl-Esther (3β-Methoxy-Pregnenolone) has antidepressant efficacy in a preclinical model of treatment resistant depression: identification of a plasma biomarker of pharmacological efficacy Download PDF
2016/5 Pregabalin attenuates mechanical allodynia in a rat model of oxaliplatin induced peripheral neuropathy Download PDF
2016/6 The streptozocin model of diabetes, induces neuropathic pain and changes in quality of life measures which can be modulated by social interaction/welfare Download PDF


2015/1 Identification of cognitive impairments in MPTP-treated marmosets using the Wisconsin general testing apparatus Download PDF
2015/2 Investigation of microtubular protein levels in human plasma as a potential biomarker for depression: A pilot study Download PDF
2015/3 Wistar Kyoto rats are a model of treatment resistant depression sensitive to ketamine and not fluoxetine: behavioural and molecular endpoints of pharmacological efficacy. Download PDF
2015/4 Ketamine and 3β-Methoxy-pregnenolone exhibit an antidepressant effect in the endogeneously ‘depressed’ Wistar Kyoto rat: a microtubular mechanism? Download PDF
2015/5 3β-Methoxy-pregnenolone exerts antidepressant efficacy in ‘depressed’ Wistar-Kyoto rats and in aged Wistar rats Download PDF
2015/6 Ketamine and not fluoxetine demonstrates antidepressant efficacy in Wistar Kyoto rat accompanied by distinct effects on microtubular proteins: identification of a novel plasma biomarker. Download PDF
2015/7 Wistar-Kyoto rats as a model of treatment resistant depression Download PDF
2015/8 Evaluation of antidepressant-related assays sensitive to clinical relevant doses of R-/S- ketamine. Download PDF
2015/9 The Streptozocin model of diabetes induces neuropathic pain, anhedonia and impaired burrowing in rats Download PDF


2014/1 NMDA receptor antagonist-induced changes in rat EEG power spectra as a model of schizophrenia Download PDF
2014/2 Neuroscience in Industry: Advancing preclinical assays to investigate the effects of novel compounds on cognition and mood Download PDF


2013/1 Blood-based IVDMIAs and longitudinal molecular marker analysis in the rat chronic constrictive injury model: disease biology and benchmark profiling. Download PDF
2013/2 Behavioural and Blood-Based transcriptomic analysis of the monosodium iodoacetate model of osteoarthritis in the rat. Download PDF

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