December 2017  Transpharmation Ireland Ltd. is proud to have organised the annual Irish Neuroscience Social.

The annual Irish Neuroscience Social, hosted by Irish Ambassador Dan Mulhall in Washington, DC in conjunction with Neuroscience Ireland, is organised as a satellite social event to the Society for Neuroscience (SFN) meeting which took place 11-15th November.

The SFN is always attended by a strong Irish delegation and in recent years an Irish Neuroscience Social has been organised to celebrate the significant contribution that Ireland has made, and continues to make, to the field of neuroscience. The Social brings together Irish-based neuroscientists, Irish Diaspora and collaborators and friends of the Irish neuroscience community. This provides an excellent opportunity for Irish researchers to network with colleagues old and new, thus developing collaborative research relationships and promoting investments in Irish research.

The Irish Neuroscience Social 2017 was organised by Transpharmation Ireland Ltd. in conjunction with Neuroscience Ireland. Following the inspiring speech of Ambassador Dan Mulhall, Professor John Cryan (University College Cork) and Dr. Max Bianchi (Transpharmation Ireland Ltd.) gave two short speeches to update on the progress of Neuroscience Research in Ireland from academia and industry, respectively.

Dr Jack Prenderville (Transpharmation Ireland. Ltd.) delivered a welcome speech on behalf of Neuroscience Ireland and acknowledged all the organisers of the event.

In the picture from left to right, Dr Max Bianchi (General Manager and Scientific Director at Transpharmation Ireland Ltd.), Ambassador Dan Mulhall, Dr Jack Prenderville (Principal Scientist at Transpharmation Ireland Ltd.) and Conor McDonnell (Scientist at Transpharmation Ireland Ltd.).

November 2017  InterVivo Solutions and Transpharmation enter into Co-Marketing and Co-Development Joint Venture. 

TORONTO, Canada and LONDON, UK – November 12, 2017 – InterVivo Solutions Inc., a Canadian-based contract research organization, and Transpharmation Ltd., a UK/European-based contract research organization, announced today a strategic joint venture to co-market and co-develop an expansive suite of translational research services that will assist global pharmaceutical and biotech industries develop novel therapeutics to treat diseases of the Central Nervous System (CNS). Both companies have a pre-existing Global client base built on a scientific reputation of ‘best in class’ translational Drug Discovery support.

InterVivo Solutions currently offers services and models that include, rodent models of pain, epilepsy, cognition, obesity, abuse liability and Parkinson’s disease, natural aged canine models of osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s disease progression and anxiety, and exploratory safety, intracerebral microdialysis and PK capability. Transpharmation offers complimentary models in the same therapeutic areas, underpinned with clinically-relevant technologies such as EEG and biomarker platforms applied from rodent to man in indications of cognitive impairment, treatment resistant depression, sleep disturbances and Parkinson’s disease.

Mark Duxon, CEO of Transpharmation said, “We are excited to enter into this co-marketing agreement with InterVivo Solutions. The joint venture will provide our clients with seamless access to complimentary services that place our companies as leaders in the CNS therapeutic development space”.

Joseph Araujo, CEO of InterVivo added, “The bridging of Transpharmation’s expertise in EEG, biomarkers and human experimental medicine capabilities with InterVivo’s translation approach and aged models of disease augments both our companies translational strategies that ultimately will improve our clients ability to develop drugs that will bring clinically relevant benefits to patients and their families”.

About InterVivo Solutions

InterVivo is a Canadian-based preclinical contract research organization with a mission to develop and provide translational animal models and transformative research services in an effort to improve the clinical success of new therapeutics, particularly in Central Nervous System indications. In addition to drug metabolism, exploratory safety and pharmacokinetics screening, InterVivo provides rodent models of cognitive dysfunction, obesity, abuse liability, pain and epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease. InterVivo also provides a natural aging canine model of human diseases with a particular emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease progression, osteoarthritis, obesity, cancer and metabolic disorders.

About Transpharmation

Spun out of GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals (GSK) in 2010, Transpharmation has rapidly established itself as a leading provider of translational pharmacology services to the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry. With a leadership team taken from GSK Neuroscience, Transpharmation now has a Global reach, helping clients across the USA, European Union and Asia. Building on its expertise in Behavioral Pharmacology and EEG, Transpharmation opened an Irish Subsidiary, Transpharmation Ireland, that has quickly established itself as a premier provider of biomarker analysis in preclinical and clinical studies.

October 2017  Transpharmation Ltd. will be attending the BioJapan conference. 

This year, in Yokohama, Transpharmation Ltd. will be attending the BioJapan Conference.  We look forward to welcoming you to booth C-72, where our team will be based.

We will be present with our new partner company – Inter Vivo Solutions (IVS), based in Canada.  There work complements our research on neurodegenerative diseases, psychiatric disorders and inflammation, with population models unique to them.  Transpharmation Ltd. and IVS will work together by intergrating their behavioural and molecular services to offer an invaluable translational platform for both human and veterinary Drug Discovery research.

September 2017  Transpharmation Ireland Ltd. sponsored the Brain for Business workshop. 

Transpharmation Ireland Ltd. proudly sponsored the Brain for Business workshop.

Aimed to bring together practical insights from the world of behavioural and brain science to deliver better business practice and outcomes.  Dr Massimiliano (Max) Bianchi, General Manager and Scientific Director at Transpharmation Ireland Ltd., gave a talk on leadership entitled: ‘From individual to leader: what a neuroscientist learnt by becoming a Managing Director.’

August 2017  Transpharmation Ireland Ltd. at the CINP, the BAP meeting and Neuroscience Ireland. 

Transpharmation Ireland Ltd. presented our latest research on Treatment resistant Depression at the CINP World Congress of Neuropsychopharmacology in Prague and the BAP Summer meeting held at Harrogate (UK) and Neuroscience Ireland (Galway).

Click here to view our publications.

See below some pictures of the team who were involved in presenting this research.

Dr. Jack Prenderville (Principal Scientist):

Conor McDonnell (Scientist):

Fionn Dunphy-Doherty (research assistant):

Teresa Burke (Junior Scientist):

and Amy Fisher (Undergraduate Student):

Not included in the pictures, but also involved was Dr. Ewa Sokolowska (Senior Scientist).

June 2017  Transpharmation Ireland Ltd. at the WFSBP 2017 in Copenhagen. 

Dr. Massimiliano Bianchi and Dr. Jack Prenderville, from Transpharmation Ireland Ltd., attended the WFSBP in Copenhagen.

Here they presented the latest research data on novel biomarkers and treatments for Depression.

See below a picture Dr. Jack Prenderville talking at the conference –

See also a picture of Dr. Max Bianchi –

February 2017  Transpharmation Ireland’s, Dr. Max Bianchi, addresses the 5th Annual World CNS Summit.

On our recent attendance to the 5th CNS Summit in Boston, the General Manager and Scientific Director of Transpharmation Ireland, Dr. Max Bianchi, gave a first viewing to Pharma and Academia of our human/cross species biomarkers.

Our plasma and CSF work for neurodegenerative disorders focuses on the interplay between cytokines, A-beta, TAU and microtubule dynamics.  Multiplexed endpoints to help push translational biology forward in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease were presented, receiving very interesting and engaged feedback from the audience.

See below a picture of Max talking at the conference –

February 2017  Transpharmation to sponsor the 5th Annual World CNS Summit.

Transpharmation is pleased to announce that it will be sponsoring and attending the 5th Annual World CNS Summit, to be held in Boston, USA, 20-22nd February, 2017.

Neurodegenerative Disease has been long part of Transpharmation’s portfolio of expertise as a leading CNS Contract Research Organisation (CRO) and so we were pleased to be invited to participate in this conference.

In addition to the attendance of our CEO and CSO, our Head of Transpharmation Ireland, Dr Max Bianchi, will also be talking about recent work in the development of preclinical and clinical biomarkers of Neurodegeneration and Tauopathies.

We look forward to meeting you in Boston and discussing some great science!

For more information on the CNS Summit, please follow the link attached here.

December 2016  Transpharmation expands its Psychiatry and Neurology molecular biomarker platform.

Transpharmation is pleased to announce the release of a new video, highlighting our commitment to providing Translational Biomarkers. We have recently added tissue, plasma and CSF from patients with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).

To watch the video, please click below –

November 2016  The Neurobiology of Depression.  How to beat the disease of the 21st Century?

Transpharmation Ireland’s Dr. Max Bianchi (General Manager and Scientific Director) spoke at the IIC (Institute of Italian Culture) in Dublin about the Neurobiology of Depression.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that depression will be the primary cause of disability worldwide by 2030. When should a low mood be considered as depression? What are the biological alterations linked to a depressed brain and body? Is research advancing the discovery of new treatments and diagnostics for depression?

These were just some of the questions tackled by Dr. Max Bianchi, who presented the discoveries of his team with the aim of facilitating the understanding of depression by the public.

For more information on our work with Treatment Resistant Depression, please contact us on –

See below Dr. Max Bianchi talking at the IIC –


November 2016  Transpharmation to exhibit at the Society for Neuroscience.

Once again, we are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Society for Neuroscience (SFN) meeting in San Diego next week (Booth#329).

Transpharmation has continued to cement its position as a leading translational pharmacology CRO over the last year. We have added numerous capabilities and experimental endpoints in 2016; including techniques such as Mis-Matched Negativity (MMN), human tissue samples from diseased patient populations and NHP/human CNS electrophysiology.

Please come and see us for a chat in San Diego or contact us on –


September 2016  Transpharmation Ireland Ltd. attend Neuroscience Ireland 2016 Young Neuroscientists Symposium.

This year, on September 1st, the Neuroscience Ireland Symposium, aimed at promoting the research of early career investigators, was held at Trinity College Dublin. The Symposium was sponsored by Transpharmation Ireland Ltd. and the organising committee included Transpharmation staff Dr Jack Prenderville (Chair) and Dr Jennifer Rouine (Treasurer).

The Irish Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Mary Mitchell O’Connor T.D. attended the event and met with Transpharmation Ireland’s representatives Dr Jack Prenderville and Dr Max Bianchi.

See below a picture of our Senior Scientist, Dr Jack Prenderville, standing with Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor T.D –


See also a picture of our General Manager and Scientific Director, Dr Max Bianchi, warmly greeting the Minister –


July 2016  BAP Undergraduate Awards 2016.

This year the BAP Undergraduate Award 2016 was awarded to David O’Driscoll, Research Intern from Transpharmation Ireland Ltd. team, for his poster: ‘An investigation of human plasma protein biomarkers in Burning Mouth Syndrome.’ A Neuropathic syndrome associated to depression.

Launched in 2006, the BAP Undergraduate Awards are awarded to the best psychopharmacology submissions (abstract, summary statement, poster) at the annual summer meeting by undergraduate students.

The awards provide undergraduates with the experience of attending a national scientific meeting and encourages young psychopharmacologists to pursue a research-active career.

See below a picture of David standing next to his award winning poster –


Well done David!

July 2016  Transpharmation Ireland Ltd will attend the BAP Summer Meeting held in Brighton (17th-20th July).

British Association for Psychopharmacology (BAP) promotes research and education in psychopharmacology and related areas, and brings together people in academia, health services, and industry. This year Transpharmation Ireland Ltd Team will present three posters focused on our new and exciting results on potential biomarkers of Depressive Disorders obtained with our innovative assays.

The posters and their respective presenters are as followed –

  • “Plasma acetylated α-tubulin expression as an indicator of antidepressant effectiveness.”   Presented by Mr. Conor McDonnell (Junior Scientist).
  • “The Wistar-Kyoto model of depression shows impaired ultrasonic vocalization response in the Female Urine Sniffing Test when compared with Sprague-Dawley.”  Presented by Ms. Grazia Di Capua (Research Assistant).
  • “An investigation of human plasma protein biomarkers in Burning Mouth Syndrome.”  A Neuropathic syndrome associated to depression, presented by Mr. David O’Driscoll (Research Intern).

For more information about BAP, please follow the link attached to the logo below –


July 2016  Transpharmation Ireland Ltd will present at the 30th CINP World Congress of Neuropsychopharmacology (Seoul, South Korea).

Transpharmation continues to develop its scientific capabilities to support Treatment Resistant Depression Drug Discovery. This year, Transpharmation Ireland Ltd will participate at the CINP with Dr. Jack Prenderville presenting the following poster:

“Single administration of ketamine and Pregnenolone-Methyl- Ether has antidepressant efficacy in a preclinical model of treatment resistant depression: identification of a plasma biomarker of pharmacological efficacy.”

We will be particularly delighted to meet with our current and potential collaborators/clients from South East Asia and Japan.

If interested in finding out more about the CINP, please follow the link attached to the poster beneath –


May 2016  Transpharmation Ireland Ltd, a leading Preclinical CRO, attends the Irish Laboratory Awards 2016 as finalists.

The Irish Laboratory Awards (ILA) recognise the successes and achievements of Ireland’s internationally renowned research laboratories and scientists. This year, Transpharmation Ireland Ltd was shortlisted in two categories:

  • Start-up Laboratory of the Year.
  • Laboratory Team of the Year.
Here’s the team from Transpharmation Ireland enjoying the ILA ceremony back in May –

2 (1)

If interested in finding out more about the ILA, please follow the link attached to the logo beneath –


January 2016  Further development of pharmacologically validated behavioural endpoints in rodent pain models.

We are continually adding to our suite of capabilities in the preclinical and clinical pain testing space. As such, we have pharmacologically validated the chemotherapy-induced neuropathy (CIN) and CCI models in the mouse using pregabalin and/or duloxetine. Further to this we have added several sensory modalities/endpoints to these models, including cold and tactile allodynia. Further information can be found at

If you are interested in discussing these capabilities further to support your drug discovery efforts please contact us.

October 2015  Transpharmation develops best in class treatment resistant depression models.

Recent data suggesting that ketamine may work in patients resistant to treatment with ‘classical’ antidepressants has reignited drug discovery into mood disorders. Even before this reported data, given Transpharmation’s staff historical involvement in the discovery of the SSRI paroxetine, we have been attempting to find various preclinical models of treatment resistant depression (TRD).

Under the leadership of our site head in Ireland, Dr Max Bianchi, we are now offering a ketamine-sensitive/SSRI-non-responsive rodent assay to assist our clients identify putative new drugs to treat TRD.

icon_downloadPlease see here a link to a poster recently published with H. Lundbeck on this model.

Please also see here Max Bianchi talking about these research efforts in our Dublin, Ireland research facility :-

Watch “Transforming Drug Discovery in Depression to Scare Away the Dark”

If you are interested in discussing these capabilities further to support your drug discovery efforts please contact us.

March 2014  Transpharmation launches an Irish subsidiary – called Transpharmation Ireland – based at the Institute of Neuroscience in Dublin, Ireland.

Transpharmation, a translational biology Contract Research Organisation, have recently announced the incorporation of Transpharmation Ireland which will be based at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

The new subsidiary will see the addition of a suite of complementary services to those already offered in the UK; notably with the addition of a clinical Experimental Medicine platform (e.g. Pharmaco-EEG, MRI) together with extended preclinical capabilities.

In addition to the new clinical capabilities, the new subsidiary will focus on the neurobiology of ageing and mood disorders, particularly by combining complex molecular and behavioural endpoints with real time electrophysiological measurements in animals.

Reporting through to the UK parent business, Transpharmation Ireland will be headed by Dr. Massimiliano (Max) Bianchi.

You can see a brief video overview of the Irish business, introduced by Max

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