Neuropathic Pain

The following represents the sort of approach we take in just one of our rodent models of neuropathic pain; the chronic constriction injury (CCI) model:-

The CCI model of rodent neuropathic pain possessing an inflammatory and neuropathic pathological component to support the discovery and development of novel analgesics. The CCI model can be used to support target validation (TV) and the lead-optimization (LO) drug discovery process if compounds have shown efficacy in nociceptive and /or inflammatory pain assays.

Our capabilities at a glance include:-

  • Assessment of mechanical and thermal allodynia/hyperalgesia in a well-established neuropathic pain models
  • Dose response evaluation of test compounds relative to references (e.g. pregabalin, gabapentin and duloxetine)
  • Acute, sub-chronic and chronic lead-in dosing schedules to support PK/PD properties of test compounds
  • Potential combination ‘add-on’ studies to assess synergy or addivity
  • Establish PK/PD relationships with test compounds to help confirm MEDs for TI predictions.

We have an extensive internal research programme to investigate novel ‘non-evoked’ or ‘spontaneous’ pain in rodents and dogs. For more information, please contact us.

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