Molecular Biomarkers

We are aware that identification of biological biomarkers could improve diagnosis and classification of CNS disorders subtypes, stratify patients into more homogeneous, clinically distinct subpopulations and predict treatment response to specific drugs.We offer an unprecedented and innovative service for a CRO focused on the detection of molecular protein biomarkers in discrete brain regions, plasma and blood cells (e.g. platelets). The service can be coupled to all our preclinical and clinical models.

Using a cutting edge Infrared Technology we can detect in your samples markers related to neuronal plasticity including:

  • Synaptic Remodeling: Spinophilin, Synaptophysin,  PSD-95, GAP-43, Parvalbumin, NCAM/PSA-NCAM
  • Cytoskeletal / Microtubular Proteins: Tubulin Post-Translational modifications (alpha-tubulin isoforms), Tubulin Isotypes (alpha and beta), Phospho-MAP2/MAP2, Phospho-TAU/TAU, STOP (MAP6), +TIPs (e.g.: CLIP170)
  • Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) signalling: Phospho-mTOR/mTOR, Phospho-p70S6K/p70S6K, Phospho-4E-BP1/4E-BP1
  • Neurotrophic Factors: BDNF, NGF, VGF, NT-3, NT-4,Trk receptors
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Molecular Biomarkers