Inflammatory Pain

The following represents the sort of approach we take in just one of our rodent models of acute inflammatory pain; the Complete Freund’s Adjuvant (CFA)/Carrageenan model:-

  • Assessment of mechanical hyperalgesia, thermal nociception/hyperalgesia, paw volume and weight bearing in a well established acute inflammatory pain model.
  • Dose-response evaluation of test compounds relative to references (e.g. Indomethacin or Celecoxib)
  • Use of translational technology e.g. Laser Doppler
  • Acute, sub-chronic and chronic lead-in dosing schedules to support PK/PD properties of test compounds along a time-course
  • Establish PK/PD relationships (serial PK sampling) with test compounds to help confirm MEDs for Therapeutic index predictions
  • Pharmacodynamic model used for Target Validation (TV) and Lead Optimisation (LO) studies.

We have an extensive internal research programme to investigate novel ‘non-evoked’ or ‘spontaneous’ pain in rodents and dogs. For more information, please contact us.

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