There has been a steady strategic decline in epilepsy research within the pharmaceutical industry over the last ten years, with generic medications being the first line treatment for many epilepsy disorders.

However, Transpharmation still regularly conducts preclinical epilepsy screens to support niche drug discovery programmes and therapeutic index assessment of NCEs.

These will include the following assays :-

  • Electrically induced seizures (eg MES, MEST, minEST)
  • Chemically evoked seizures (eg kainate, pentylenetetrazol)
  • Telemeterised EEG monitoring of brain seizure activity
  • Detailed scoring of behavioural seizures according to Racine’s scale
  • Concomitant assessment of therapeutic index utilising rotarod and LABORAS
  • Identification of additional therapeutic utilities of novel anticonvulsants eg for treatment of neuropathic pain.
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